For those of you unfamiliar with the acronym, WAGMI stands for, “We’re all gonna make it,” and embodies the starry-eyed conviction of crypto enthusiasts. It is a phrase that conjures images of affluence; mansions, yachts, parties, mountains of cash. But most importantly, it embodies the main goal; financial freedom. The freedom to do what we want with our time, to take care of our loved ones, to pursue our passions and gifts and make our wildest crypto gains a reality. It is the answer to the assertion that the crypto market is a zero-sum game. It isn’t. As we grow this space together, the better off all of us are. As a community, no one is left behind. We are, indeed, all going to make it.

$WAGMI is an ERC-20 coin with a 10% reflection buy tax for holders. The sales tax is broken into 5% marketing and 5% development. The $WAGMI team is led by a stellar group of visionary NFT connoisseurs, heavily experienced blockchain developers, and a community of motivated investors. Friendly, yet focused intensely on our goal of making it together, we welcome all newcomers with open arms and a list of to-do tasks. $WAGMI is more than a token; $WAGMI means community and community means family. Recently, $WAGMI team released information about an exciting NFT giveaway to rile up the community. Upon purchasing $WAGMI, one random participant will be selected to receive a MAYC Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. More buys mean a better chance of winning.

Though this project started as a memecoin in relation to the cultural phenomenon of $GM, the team has aspirations for so much more. Rooted in our deep relationships with insiders and investors worldwide, we plan to grow into a much larger, functional platform that educates investors of all backgrounds about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. We have many more specific use-cases up our sleeves which we are waiting to announce, but as for now, remember the mantra. The mantra that will take us over the mountain and to the moon. The mantra that is calling you to your future of financial freedom and independence. We’re All Gonna Make It.

Join the movement. Make sure to stay up to date on $WAGMI developments, updates and giveaways.

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