NFT gaming has exploded in popularity in recent times, despite the sector still being in its infancy. The market opens up a new frontier where crypto enthusiasts can enjoy an exciting gaming ecosystem while receiving rewards simply for participating in the metaverse.

NFT-based games that integrate play-to-earn elements are among the fastest-growing sectors in the developing crypto space. They promise to overhaul the existing pay-to-play structures implemented by traditional incumbents like Nintendo, Atari, Microsoft and many more.

These old-fashioned businesses rely on in-game purchases to generate revenues and grow their platforms while offering players little to no return.

Unlike these traditional gaming models, the crypto gaming industry offers users financial incentives through gameplay. This approach has enabled the burgeoning sub-sector to become a sensation in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Participants can mint and trade rare in-game tokens (NFTs) that they can leverage to earn crypto-assets and fiat currencies on exchanges outside the metaverse.

NFT gamers worldwide can earn rare, immutable tokens with tremendous upside potential that they can trade in decentralized marketplaces for in-game perks such as avatars and accessories. Participants also play a significant role in shaping the architecture of the metaverse while receiving a share of the game’s revenue.

The Evolution of NFT Gaming

The NFT gaming movement has taken flight in recent months with its promise of empowering users to earn as they play. Over the past 12 months, multiple GameFi platforms have emerged, seeking to cash in on the hype.

Ethereum-based NFT game Axie Infinity has so far been the best performing play-to-earn game, attracting millions of new users while witnessing unprecedented growth in daily volumes.

Unfortunately, most NFT collectible games in the market lack innovation, possibly due to rushed development from industry participants looking to earn a quick buck. Consequently, many of these projects lack innovative features, immersive gameplay and an enhanced user experience.

SimBiotes has stepped into the scene with a revolutionary gamified ecosystem that is ushering in the next evolution of NFT collecting. The project introduces an innovative play-to-earn model where users can interact with evolving NFTs. Users can also enhance gameplay with their own collectibles and stake NFTs to earn lucrative yields.

Evolving and Third-Party Mutated NFTs

SimBiotes is a one-of-a-kind gaming metaverse with brand new NFT mechanics based on the concept of evolutionary science. Collectors, also known as ‘Scientists’, can interact with living NFTs and stimulate mutations to increase the rarity and value of their digital artwork.

NFTs in the gaming ecosystem will evolve from 2D collectibles to living, breathing 3D organisms, allowing players to enjoy their digital collectibles in a whole new way.

Moreover, the SimBiotes in-game environment will evolve over time, creating an expanding and engaging virtual world. The new game lets crypto enthusiasts give new life to their static NFTs outside their wallets and allows them to acquire new collectibles featuring unexpected attributes that increase their overall value.

The project’s team has partnered with top gaming developers and leading NFT creators to shape the evolution of the brand new metaverse.

The entire ecosystem will spawn from Embryonic Simbiotes, which are provably rare collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain that evolve and adopt new traits with each passing generation (a generation being every 100 blocks).

Scientists can fuel the evolution of their Embryonic Simbiotes by synthesizing new mutations in ‘The Lab’, SimBiotes initial main activity hub and in-game dashboard. These living NFTs evolve into new NFT strains dubbed ‘Simbiotes’ and then eventually into species. Simbiotes hatch eggs, which can then result in the spawning of secondary digital organisms called Cells.

Furthermore, players can experiment with their ever-evolving organisms to create a new breed of NFTs via Simbiotic Evolution in a special chamber called the ‘Petri Dish’. By allowing Simbiotes to interact with other digital collectibles such as CryptoPunks, Scientists can spawn mutated NFTs that they can trade to earn crypto and other in-game assets.

Transmuted third-party collectibles can also be integrated back into the Petri Dish to increase the chance of Egg-spawning for further rewards including tokens and Cells. The new game will issue 10,000 unique Simbiotes to early-bird investors during the upcoming Simbiotes Drop in late November.

How New Players can Earn on SimBiotes

Crypto investors who miss out on the Simbiotes Drop can join the action and advance in the game. The pioneering evolution-based biodigital metaverse offers a ladder into the game, allowing non-Simbiote holding players to participate and earn rewards in the metaverse.

Newcomers can also interact with living NFTs and leverage their digital artwork to generate new and unique art pieces while enjoying play-to-earn avenues within the gamified environment.

Players looking to join the game after the initial NFT sale can purchase Simbiotes from the game’s marketplace. These enigmatic laboratory creations offer powerful utility in the gaming ecosystem.

Non-Simbiote holding users can curate a collection of Cells and deploy them in rewarding battles dubbed ‘Cell Trials’. The project is working on new gaming mechanics that will facilitate Cells with a set of offensive and defensive traits to battle to earn biodigital energy.

Players who emerge triumphant from these contests can use their power-ups to enhance their in-game assets’ rarity, abilities, and longevity. Biodigital energy can also be sold in ‘The Field’ (the in-game marketplace) or be used by scientists to speed up Simbiote evolution.

Users can also leverage their existing digital art to mint new NFTs with unique characteristics in the metaverse. They can then sell their newly-mutated collectibles to players in the gaming platform and collectors on OpeaSea, a leading NFTs marketplace.

Join the Game-Changing SimBiotes Ecosystem

SimBiotes introduces a radical approach that empowers collectors worldwide to interact with and earn from unique, living digital collectibles on the blockchain.

The platform’s play-to-earn elements allow crypto fans to release their collection of static NFTs to evolve and fetch value in a decentralized marketplace (of course while keeping the original).

Investors in the upcoming Simbiotes Drop sale can experiment on their Embryonic Simbiotes and mint new NFTs with the potential to mutate and earn value in a collaborative, exploratory gaming metaverse.

As the SimBiotes community grows, players will have lucrative opportunities to generate new and valuable mutations from their digital collectibles. They also stand to win airdropped biodigital NFTs from top digital art creators in the cryptocurrency industry.

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