Features - Security

Bank Grade Security For Your Assets

Our system uses proprietary technology that renders bad actor’s efforts to move your assets useless.


Forgotten passwords, SIM swaps, phishing attacks—there are too many ways for your bitcoin to be lost or stolen.

4,000,000 BTC

Lost forever because of mistakes, accidents, or user error.


Stolen from crypto investors in thefts, robberies, hacks, and frauds.

With Hoddle, stay a step ahead!

Your assets are everything for you and your family, and your future is dependent on the security of those assets.

As a result, Hoddle ensures best practices in operational and physical security such as insider collusion prevention and vaults monitored by armed guards 24/7. Furthermore, due to the ever-changing risks associated with storing digital assets, Hoddle remains at the forefront of cybersecurity to ensure that its system is kept future-proof.

In addition, Hoddle’s solution is decentralised so that you are always in 100% control of your assets. This leaves even Hoddle incapable of moving your assets around without your approval.

With Hoddle,
feel secure in your

Leveraging upon high-end cryptographic security, numerous access levels and real-time notification alerts, Hoddle is the right tool to effectively manage all your digital assets while protecting your funds.

24/7 online security team

24/7 risk and fraud analysis

Geographical distribution of vaults

Proprietary data encryption technology

Partitioned funds for multiple user groups

Custom permission/access for all account members

Multi-factor private key segmentation and authentication

Vault Security

User funds are secured transparently in encrypted offline servers that can never be accessed by online intruders.

Disaster Resilient Solution

Hoddle has the necessary backup and disaster recovery protocols managed by 3rd parties in place to ensure that you always have access to your assets.


Keys are generated offline and stored in physical vaults. Hoddle uses its own unique multi-signature technology for its transaction approval process. We use trusted and insured vault operators to limit communication between all approvers. No more faulty HSM devices or undisclosed locations as others provide.