The metaverse has presented itself as a place where everyone can be themselves. With so many constraints on how people can carry and express themselves in the real world, the metaverse has provided a much-needed escape to a place where there are no rules to self-expression.

One metaverse project that has stuck firmly to this freedom of self-expression is the OVER Metaverse. The project has previously provided users the opportunity to customize and dress their avatars how they see fit, but it still remained limited to the range of preset outfits available. However, with its latest innovation, OVER will allow avatars to be dressed however and in whatever a user wants as they craft their Digital Identity.

Purchase Clothes As NFTs

Fashion often transcends time, and with the metaverse innovations, it is now transcending realities. The virtual reality world of the OVER Metaverse allows all users to be and present how they want. Its most recent innovation, the development of Fashion 4.0, will bring even more freedoms to this virtual reality.

Before now, there was no way to purchase clothing in the metaverse. However, with OVER, users can have a “wardrobe” for their avatars according to their preferences. This means they are no longer limited to the preset fashion options available in the metaverse. Users can dress their digital twin in any clothing across a range of styles.

This will change the precedent in the metaverse space that avatars do not need to be fashionable. For many individuals living in places where they are restricted on the type of clothing they can wear, their digital identities will be able to sport whatever clothing suits their preferences, thus promoting Freedom of Expression even in this virtual world.

The TINUS Affiliate Program

Anywhere there is fashion, there are bound to be designers, and OVER recognizes this. This is why the TINUS Affiliate Program exists. This program allows users to create clothing for others to buy and sell as NFTs in the metaverse.

Not only can they create their own clothing, but they will be able to buy and wear original digital NFT creations that are designed by 3D artists and fashion houses. OVER plans to establish itself as a reference point for the diffusion of 3D creations from artists and fashion brands. It also supports the Freedom of Expression through this avenue by allowing stylists to create to their heart’s content and users to be able to patronize their favorite fashion brands.

The OVER Metaverse will feature a dedicated space in the newest OVER Marketplace just for fashion creators and brands. Creator and brand will have their section where they can showcase their clothing, and users can buy the digital clothing.

About OVER Metaverse

The OVER Metaverse is a world-scale platform that bridges the real and virtual worlds. By combining the innovative technologies of augmented reality and the Ethereum blockchain, it is able to bring an immersive virtual experience to anyone with a smart device and an internet connection.

OVER Metaverse caters primarily to interaction and content creation in the virtual world. This means that users can create and monetize 3D content, as well as participate in play-to-earn games. The platform is redefining and expanding the digital space for ownership, accessibility, and investment opportunities in the metaverse.

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