Ukraine Bought Weapons, Drones With Crypto Donations

Ukraine’s government bought weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, better known as drones) and digital rifle scopes, besides non-lethal tools, with some of the $60 million in crypto donated after Russia

Blockchain VC Shima Capital debuts with $200M Web3 fund

The venture firm, which was founded in 2021, is prioritizing decentralized social media, DAOs, DeFi, metaverse, zero-knowledge proofs and layer-1 solutions. News Shima Capital, a new venture firm focused on

Yuga Labs Hires Social Token Expert as VP of Product

Bored Ape Yacht Club creator Yuga Labs announced Wednesday it’s hiring Chris Fortier as vice president of product. Fortier joined after leading strategic direction for the social token platform Rally,

Bitcoin Loses Ground While Dogecoin Metrics Soar

The cryptocurrency market has been getting frequent price movements recently with meme coins like Dogecoin minting gains. Some of the significant assets made an uptrend within the past two weeks.

Crypto Jobs Remain Attractive Amid Bear Market

Within the past few years, cryptocurrency adoption and acceptance have dramatically increased. As a result, many developers and other participants joined the digital asset train to boost the expansion of

EU Lawmakers Seek to Cap Banks’ Bitcoin Holdings

European Union (EU) banks that are exposed to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin would face caps and hefty capital requirements under proposed amendments to a financial-services law published Wednesday. The plans, tabled

Troubled miner returns 26,000 rigs to eliminate debt

The mining operator entered into a deal with NYDIG to sell rigs to alleviate $64.7 million in outstanding debt. News The United States-based Bitcoin mining company, Stronghold Digital Mining (SDIG),