The Most Secure
Crypto Wallet

Hoddle’s propriety custody technology ensures that your assets are kept air-gapped in physical vaults that are monitored 24/7 with armed guards. Users are also have peace of mind by knowing that their digital assets have full coverage.

Forgotten passwords, SIM swaps, phishing attacks—there are too many ways for your bitcoin to be lost or stolen.

4,000,000 BTC

Lost forever because of mistakes, accidents, or user error.


Stolen from crypto investors in thefts, robberies, hacks, and frauds.

Never worry about your bitcoin again.

Protect your bitcoin from theft, accidents, and disasters. You get up to 10x the security of a single hardware wallet, with the simplicity of using an app.

Bitcoin security is for everyone.

Securing bitcoin was complicated—until we came around. Now, you don’t have to choose between easy and secure. Hoddle lets you buy, protect, and manage your bitcoin the way you want.

The Most Secure Crypto Wallet That You Have Been Looking for To Store Your Digital Assets.

Secure & Trusted

Your digital assets are stored in physical vaults that are monitored 24/7/365 by armed guards.

Easy To Use

We have created our wallet so that you can easily deposit and withdraw your assets, as well as track your assets performance without the need for a manual.

Protected by Insurance

The full value of your assets are always insured when stored with Hoddle.

Hoddling MADE EASY

Unparalleled Security

Hoddle Wais the ultimate blend of security, privacy, and control.


You can get started by creating your account in less than 3 minutes! Once we check that everything is correct, you will be able to make your wallets

Transfer your assets from any platform.

We will keep your assets in our third party secured and insured vaults until you are ready to withdraw them.

Our withdrawal process ensures that you safely receive your assets back within no time!


Insanely Easy to Use

Beautifully simple design that always makes sense.

Dedicated support

One-on-one support from a real human is only a message away. So you never have to go it alone.

Stay ahead of the curve with weekly privacy and security news from Hoddle’s experts.