Features - Insurance

You deserve more!

Have the Peace of Mind You Deserve, you’ve earned it !

There are too many ways for your digital assets to be lost or stolen – from forgotten passwords to phishing attacks. On top of our cutting edge security, Hoddle provides an additional layer of protection that your 100% of your assets are insured to keep your mind at ease.

Hoddle gives you the ultimate control to do more with your funds you want.

Insurance: A Necessity For Everyone

Most current custody solutions either have large minimum balance requirements or do not insure the full value of your assets. We at Hoddle believe that everyone deserves to have their assets protected, regardless of how much you store. Hoddle’s insurance coverage extends up to 100% of your stored assets, an industry first, ensuring that you receive the insurance coverage that you expect.

We understand how important insurance is and therefore offer:

  • Insurance cover for up to 100% of your assets
  • Full Insurance protection against external theft and hacking
  • Full Insurance protection against even “inside jobs” given our internal operations
  • Certificates that guarantee that your accounts assets are insured

Advanced security
features built for you.

There is no point in limiting yourself when Hoddle grants you the authority and freedom (with security) to do more with your funds. Hackers are always active – we should be, too.

  • Internal multi-signature approval process

  • Instant notifications about transactions
  • Proprietary data encryption technology
  • 24/7 risk analysis to detect and prevent potential fraudulent transactions and account hacks
  • Ultra-secure global vault storage for digital assets
  • Identity verification process to conduct transactions to unknown addresses

User Benefits

Depositing and withdrawing crypto from Hoddle is easy. Furthermore, Hoddle offers free deposits and a number of free monthly withdrawals. There are no hidden charges or minimum balances to surprise you.


Nobody is left out with Hoddle, you can create an account and use Hoddle globally!


Even though Hoddle stores your assets offline in physical wallets, you can be assured that your assets can be withdrawn efficiently whenever you please under 24 hours (and soon to be hourly).

Break the Cycle &
Gain More Control

Unlike other apps, Hoddle doesn’t take your finances out of your control; rather it enables you to manage your funds on your own terms. Track everything regarding your funds in real-time through Hoddle’s intuitive features.