You deserve more!

The power and ultimate freedom to do more
with your funds.

Hoddle gives you more –
Because you deserve more.

Regal Assets, the first crypto license holder in the Middle East and a specialized digital assets insurance and storage solutions provider, takes pride in deploying the most advanced and high-quality security
measures to ensure funds are always in a safe hand.

Advance security
features built for you.

There is no point in limiting yourself when Hoddle grants you the power and ultimate freedom (with security) to do more with your funds. Hackers arealways active-so we should be.

  • Instant notifications about spending
  • Ultra-secure global vault storage for fiat currencies & bitcoins
  • 24/7 risk analysis to detect and prevent potential fraudulent transactions and account hacks
  • Safe and easy sharing of account with members
  • Ability to assign custom access levels
  • Proprietary data encryption technology

Hoddle Gives You More Freedom

Hoddle lets you get rid of worries of money transfer across the borders. With Hoddle wallet, money transfer is above any currency or geography, and becomes
fast, simple and convenient.

Break the Chain &
Gain More control

Unlike other apps, Hoddle doesn’t take your finances out of your control; rather enables you manage your funds at your own terms. Track everything regarding your funds in real-time through Hoddle’s intuitive features.