Hit by the collapse of Luna and UST, as well as another round of interest rate hikes and balance sheet shrinking by the Fed, cryptocurrencies suffered a market-wide plunge in May 2022, and the market has not significantly rebounded so far. In addition, compared with their historical highs, the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum have fallen by more than 50%. Meanwhile, other altcoins have suffered bigger falls. The entire crypto market is still going through a bearish period.

That being said, will Bitcoin and Ethereum go to zero? The answer is a hard no. As the blockchain technology advances and becomes more widely adopted, a growing number of users have joined the crypto space, and the market cap of Bitcoin has even once exceeded that of Meta (formerly Facebook). Meanwhile, some conventional institutional investors are venturing into the crypto market, and Bitcoin appears on the balance sheet of an increasing number of listed companies. More and more institutions are paying close attention to the function of Bitcoin and Ethereum as hedging tools, and some countries have even adopted Bitcoin as their legal tender.

According to the general trend, a growing number of individual users, companies, and governments will adopt Bitcoin. Moreover, during the past decade, Bitcoin has witnessed all sorts of attacks and smears. It has even been banned by some state regulators. Despite all that, Bitcoin has survived with great tenacity, which is sufficient proof of its ability to withstand tests and challenges. Additionally, more investors are starting to notice the value of Bitcoin.

As crypto categories such as DeFi, NFT, and the metaverse boom over recent years, the crypto market has been driven to a whole new level. In today’s market, people can profit not only from direct investments but also from a growing number of crypto-based financial services. As the relevant products mature, more investors are flocking to crypto finance.

Therefore, we can draw two basic conclusions: 1) The crypto market will not diminish. On the contrary, an increasing number of global users will adopt cryptos, and the user base of cryptocurrency will keep expanding; 2) The overall price trend of Bitcoin will remain flat. In other words, the price fluctuations will not be as significant as its previous records, which is to say that the BTC price would not go down by much.

As such, you do not need to panic if you are holding mainstream cryptos because they are likely to become more valuable according to past market cycles. In our view, the best strategy in a bear market is to hold onto your cryptos and do nothing. Meanwhile, we also advise you to seek to expand the cash flow to ensure the source of income and buy more crypto at low prices.

Although some say the best bear strategy is to hoard cryptos, a better approach is to earn more cryptos with one’s existing holding, which resembles earning interests on bank deposits. Right now, many crypto exchanges have launched products focusing on crypto finance, and we can choose a suitable product according to our own needs.

What are the indicators to consider when we choose a crypto finance product?

Security is the No.1 priority. In the crypto market, the significance of security cannot be overstated, and leaving deposits in an unsafe environment for small profits frequently results in huge losses. For example, some exchanges run by scammers use high returns as the bait to trick users into making crypto deposits. Users are tempted by the financial product’s promise of high returns, yet the scammers are targeting their deposits. In the crypto space, a lot of users have suffered enormous losses when trying to earn small profits.

That is why we must choose a safe exchange. As we all know, many crypto exchanges have suffered security breaches, and even some of the top exchanges have lost huge amounts of Bitcoin, incurring losses in user assets. CoinEx, on the other hand, is one of the few exchanges that have never been hacked. Haipo Yang, the founder of CoinEx, once said that safety is always the most essential promise of CoinEx as well as its core advantage. As CoinEx always puts users first, the products it developed have kept users’ assets safe and secure, earning the exchange extensive user recognition.

When foraying into crypto finance, we can go with CoinEx, a zero-accident exchange. With Financial Account, a product introduced by CoinEx that provides interests for deposit holders, users can receive daily returns simply by depositing their idle assets into the Account, with compound interests settled on a daily basis. In addition, such compound interests come from 70% of the revenue generated by crypto loans in margin trading, which is a stable and reliable source.

Although the financial services provided by some exchanges offer high returns, there are often many strings attached. For example, many of these services require a minimum deposit period of 30 days, 60 days, or even longer. In contrast, CoinEx’s Financial Account does not require any minimum deposit period, and users can deposit/withdraw cryptos at any moment.

What are the advantages of on-demand deposits/withdrawals?

Cryptos are subject to significant price volatility, and a cryptocurrency can sometimes plunge by over 20% within a week. If we choose a crypto finance product with a minimum deposit period (e.g. 7 days), then once the price plummets, we will find it hard to withdraw our deposits or sell the cryptos to minimize losses. Considering the huge risks involved, the small profits generated by such financial products are apparently not worth it. With CoinEx’s Financial Account, users can deposit/withdraw cryptos anytime they’d like to, which means that they could swiftly withdraw their deposit in the event of significant market volatility while earning profits. Apart from that, Financial Account features no minimum deposit amount, and users can choose to deposit whatever they want.

A crypto bear is nothing to be afraid of because it allows us to hoard cheap bargain chips. As such, when a bear comes, we should continue to expand our cash flow. While stocking up on more cryptos with rational strategies, investors also need to deposit their holdings to secure exchanges for financial management and wait for the next crypto bull.

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