How do I set up a Crypto Wallet?

Below are the steps to create a wallet, the images will guide you through creating a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet however the process is the same for all digital assets.
1.Each digital asset on the “Home” tab has a “+” sign on the top right button of its box. Click the “+” sign to create a new wallet.
2. A prompt explaining the Hoddle withdrawal process will pop up. To accept the message and to continue to creating a wallet, tap “I understand” and then “SUBMIT RETURN ADDRESS”.
3. Input a name for your return address, which can perhaps be the source from where you will deposit your funds (E.g an exchange), and scan the public address from where you will deposit your funds (E.g an exchange). Note that when you want to withdraw your funds from this wallet, they will be withdrawn to the return address given in this wallet.
4. Once all the information has been filled, tap the “I am responsible for the return address” toggle and then “SUBMIT ADDRESS” to create your wallet. This will take you back to the home page, where you can see your newly created wallet.