Humanity has always been obsessed with stepping out of the borders of this world into new realms. The Metaverse trend shows no signs of slowing down as Companies such as Facebook create their own, and billions of dollars are invested into the industry. So, why are people interested in it? The Metaverse employs what is known as play-to-earn, where users can accumulate wealth or assets for completing tasks within a Metaverse. This varies with projects as some create a social hub where other more advanced Metaverse environments offer lucrative P2E incentives. In addition, people spend between four and five hours a day with leisure time – why not have this leisure time earn you money?

Someone may spend four hours a day playing the popular Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) title by Rockstar Games. In this game, the player completes a mission with friends and acquires guns, cars, and houses. In addition, the player may spend real money buying fake currency and purchasing more vehicles. Alternatively, the Metaverse allows this while making actual money. This is because the tokens the users earn are tradable to anyone around the globe, from NFTs to fungible tokens like the MTVT token within Metaverser.

Metaverser is a P2E project that aims to provide a world of opportunity, fun, and profit-making. Profit-making consists of either earning their native cryptocurrency ($MTVT) or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by completing tasks, missions & challenges within Metaverser. Although Metaverser is a high-quality product designed by experienced professionals, it offers far more than just the above. These are the ways that you can earn an income in Metaverser while having fun:


Mining in Metaverser is more straightforward than the real-world alternative, requiring only a house, a mining rig, and a small 5% revenue as an electricity fee. In addition, Metaverser adds incentive as each element is an NFT with value. In this instance, you have a house and a mining rig that both appreciate.

Land & Housing

You can buy homes in Metaverser that have value and utility. You can also purchase and obtain alternative land types with unique benefits. This includes industries producing electricity for miners (meaning you get some revenue) and transport services. Grocery stores supply unique NFT items to players that fuel a player. Land may also have a billboard that is rentable.

Racing & Tasks

Unlike traditional games, the cars you acquire will be unique and tradeable NFTs. A player could trade their way to their perfect vehicle or use the income to buy it. Variety exists with the cars as a player may either complete challenges and missions to earn prizes (including money) or aim to win the monthly championship racing tournament. Missions also consist of gun-related challenges for those who do not want to race. This offers two distinct playstyles, the competitive playstyle against other players and the casual playstyle for those who want to relax and enjoy Metaverser’s beautiful nature. Further, every unique NFT levels up with the player making it potentially more lucrative than before.

Visiting other houses

It is not all exciting racing, missions, and challenges. For some, they may simply want a place to relax with friends. Hombaba Island, the first Island on Metaverser, is an entire self-contained playground allowing players to travel to each other’s homes and spend time together with (optional) realistic avatars made by advanced face-scanning technology enabled through ReadyPlayerMe. In their home, people can dance, talk, chat, watch TV, and more, with complete privacy – and an entire world of possibility outside their front door.

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