You may have heard about Doge coin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB), but have you ever heard of COGE coin? Coge coin is the latest cryptocurrency that is on a mission to save animals around the world. 

Coge coin is a community driven crypto which means that holders of the coin will determine the project’s success. While providing value to its holders, Coge is on its mission to help animals. 20% of COGE is donated to various animal welfare organizations. 

The rest of the funds are being allocated to pet insurance, pet food, marketing and reserves and so on. The split up is shown down below –

This is CogeCoin’s tokenization as shown below –

Coge NFTs

The team behind Coge wanted to do something special for the sponsors that are generously supporting the poor animals. They came up with sponsorship NFTs, to reward them for their contribution. By owning these NFTs, they can possess the digital avatar of their animal in a virtual space. 

Pet Commerce

Another issue faced by pet owners is the overabundance of cheap, low-quality pet food. This pet food is also low in nutritional value. Team Coge will start manufacturing high-quality pet food for the market and operate it’s very own delivery service. They are also looking into selling other pet goods like toys, shampoos, etc. It intends to provide this service to be paid for only in $COGE. Furthermore, they will build a more user friendly ecommerce site that allows for customisation.

Future Plans

Team Coge will develop a pet insurance system, set up DeFi systems and a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). They also want to design games and make some more headway into the metaverse. They are striving to help animals around the globe while making a name for themselves in the crypto world. 

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