Engineering Intern

Dubai, UAE

Hoddle is a leading digital asset technology platform providing fully insured storage deep-cold storage for crypto assets.

Department:          Engineering & IT

Role:                          Senior Software Engineer (Backend), Bitcoin

Location(s):             Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Remote:                   No

Time:                         Full-time or Contract


  • Tech
    • Ensure that Hoddle’s Bitcoin wallets always make the best use of Bitcoin’s latest features.
    • Improve, extend and maintain existing software which integrates with the Bitcoin blockchain and bitcoin full node.
    • Create roadmaps of new products and take responsibility of features from inception to deployment.
    • Improve the performance, maintainability, and operations of the codebase by conducting refactoring and upgrade projects.
    • Expose and document API functionality to the UI, third-party developers, and our internal and external tooling.
    • Collaborate with all engineering teams to ensure consistency and overall work quality.
    • Manage and mentor your team to help achieve the organization’s goals
    • Drive technical innovation in the blockchain and SecOps space.
    • Respond to alerts and bug reports.

Skills & Experience

  • Understanding of new fintech technologies including blockchain
  • Plus if:
    • Experience working in fintech
    • Ability to program and debug Node.JS, JavaScript, Typescript, or Java
    • Experience with Golang, Ruby, Docker, Rails, Postgres, MongoDB or DynamoDB
    • Active or previous contributor to Bitcoin Core, Lightning or other Bitcoin-related open source software


  • 5+ years of experience in software engineering.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, applied mathematics, or another technical discipline from a top university.
  • Strong understanding of fundamental Bitcoin blockchain mechanics, including bitcoin RPC commands, P2SH scripts and multisig opcodes, Segwit (wrapped and native), CPFP, RBF, UTXO selection and BIP 32 key derivation.
  • Familiarity with emerging Bitcoin features, such as BIP 340/341/342/350 (Taproot/Schnorr/bech32m) and Lightning.
  • Experience designing, building, scaling and maintaining production services.
  • Produce high quality, well tested code to meet the needs of our users.
  • Experience in Git/GitHub and branching methodologies and code review tools.