At ZebPay, we’re always listening to your suggestions for how to improve our trading experience. One of our most frequently-received pieces of feedback is to add to the list of tokens available on our platform. We hear you and we agree.

In the last three months, we’ve introduced 60 new crypto-INR and crypto-crypto pairs. And there’s many more to come. 

Meet ZebPay Xpress Listing

We’d like you to meet ZebPay Xpress Listing, a quick-listing initiative which will allow us to list tokens and trade pairs for those tokens faster.

Keep an eye out for the special circle marking Xpress Listing tokens.

Xpress listing follows a new process which allows us to jump right to trading tokens.

This means you will only be able to buy and sell these tokens on ZebPay.

Deposits will be enabled on a token by token basis.

Withdrawals for Xpress listed tokens will be disabled for all tokens unless specifically made available by ZebPay.

If you are a liquidity provider, we invite you to get in touch with us. We will announce tokens a week before listing to enable liquidity providers to get in touch and follow appropriate processes to deposit tokens in a safe and secure manner.

Once you’re signed up successfully, we will notify you when our special deposit address goes live, along with instructions on how to complete your deposit. 

So, are you wondering which Xpress Listing tokens are coming next to ZebPay? Keep an eye on your email and the ZebPay app for updates!

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