Hoddle built for you!

Regal Assets, the first crypto license holder
in the Middle East.

Regal Assets brings you the Hoddle –
Next Revolutionary Digital Product!

Hoddle is the first deep cold storage insurance product, exclusively designed to address the needs of individuals and enterprises dealing with or operating in cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and digital assets. We help them determine the kinds of insurance coverage they must have, and design effective insurance plans, enabling them to capitalize on novel digital asset opportunities and compete successfully in the market.

We believe that money is the basis of our lives- and our dreams, hopes and future, all are built around it. Your wealth management must be based on past lessons and have room for taking risks for potentially lucrative opportunities. Your assets, specifically digital ones, should be secure, safe and under your control. To serve this purpose, we made Hoddle, which gives you more security and freedom to be more and do more with your digital assets!

Why Hoddle?

Hoddle is all set to make a massive impact on your money, bringing you a wonderful opportunity. It has been developed to address the biggest limitations with Bitcoin’s success and acceptance – which are, security and easy accessibility. In a short span of time, Hoddle has successfully made cryptocurrency a part of everyday life of millions of users across the word.

Hoddle is your innovative digital assets insurance partner, ensuring all your assets are held in a transparent and secure storage, while all assets fully insured.