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Hoddle –
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Hoddle is the first fully insured, deep cold storage solution for digital assets, designed to address the needs of individuals and institutions.

Hoddle has created a new way for digital assets to be stored. Hoddle has transformed the digital asset market by allowing owners to feel secure of their digital assets, while not having to worry about the security and risk of theft.

Hoddle offers the first institutional standard digital asset custody solution exclusively designed to address the needs of individuals and institutions working with such digital assets. Current storage solutions either offer security (low-risk cold storage) or liquidity (high-risk hot wallet) but none combine both.

Hoddle uses patent pending technology with all of the digital assets held in Hoddle’s proprietary vault system – within a centralised third party insured and protected vault.Unlike all other custody solutions on the market today, the Hoddle custody solution allows millions of users to store digital assets into a third party insured blockchain managed physical vault, with withdrawals times of under one hour.


These benchmarks far exceed those offered by other custody solutions in the market. Hoddle has solved the security and convenience conundrum that users face. Most other custody solutions are unable to service that many people through physical vaults, do not offer protection against rogue team members or do not offer third party insured vaults, and require at least 48 hours to withdraw.

Hoddle helps its users do more with their digital assets
The next revolutionary digital product!

We believe money is an integral part of our lives, as our dreams, hopes and future are all built around it. Your wealth management system should be based on past lessons and future goals that provide a level of risk tolerance allowing you to invest in potentially lucrative opportunities. Your assets, specifically digital ones, should be secure, safe and under your control. To assist our users, we have created Hoddle, which gives you a heightened level of security and freedom to do more with your digital assets!

Mission, Vision & Values

A service made with our clients in mind



Our mission is to empower people across the world to be 100% comfortable in storing their digital assets. Digital assets were created so that the owners would be in control of their own assets and Hoddle is creating products for its owners to be able to safely do so.



We envision the future of the financial world to be on blockchain based technologies. We are continuously working on expanding our offerings within blockchain so that our users can be part of the transformation into the digital world that is happening so rapidly.


Core Values

Our core values are teamwork, integrity, ingenuity and customer centric. These value are clearly seen when looking at the complex problems within digital assets that its user face; which the global team at Hoddle is working on together to solve.