Investors tend to make numerous mistakes before buying crypto assets in India.So, are you new to purchasing crypto assets in India? Then watch out for the mistakes.

Recent times have witnessed a steady rise in crypto investors around the globe. Everyone hopes to get their hands on  the best crypto assets in the crypto universe: it could be, for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the world of crypto assets is still nascent and highly erratic, and there are always some inherent risks involved, no matter how well thought-through the investment strategy. And in a rush to hop on to the bandwagon, many investors tend to make some common mistakes in crypto trading.

Knowing these common mistakes will therefore enable you to evade any “traps” which many novice crypto traders often fall prey to. 

Here are the five most common mistakes that you should be aware of:

Absence of a precise plan

Perfect planning goes a long way when it comes to investing in crypto assets. Don’t just  nosedive into the crypto world. Instead, chart out a wholesome plan. These days, competition and crypto assets go hand in hand, this means earning in the crypto market is not as easy as you think. It needs a well-thought out strategy and precision. It could be a financial disaster if you do not know what your financial goals are. Just like any investment, you must decide your goals and objectives beforehand and only then should you get into the crypto game to start profiting.

Lack of a long-term goal

Simply put, there are no shortcuts. While trading in crypto assets, align your goals with your  long-term financial objectives. Without a long-term goal, you may be drawn to the volatile market trend and that might not be in your specific best interest. You might start following a trend and buy or sell just because everyone else is doing so. Having long term goals will help you to be more careful about the prospects that come your way. 

Lack of a well-diversified portfolio

Always remember the maxim: never put all your eggs into one basket. When it comes to investing in crypto assets, the mantra is diversification. People tend to forget this. It is ideal to divide the money into different asset categories, such as Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and other profiting altcoins.

Develop an understanding of various trading pairs

Crypto pairs allow you to compare costs between various crypto assets. For instance, one can find out how much Bitcoin can be traded with  Ethereum and how much Ethereum is equal to how much Bitcoin Cash. Some pairs can be bought only with particular cryptocurrencies, so it is vital to have an understanding of trading pairs to determine which ones are the best crypto pairs to trade. A paucity of information on crypto trading pairs results in investor’s plans going awry and they incur losses in the whole process.

Inconsistent tracking

It is crucial that you meticulously track the currency exchange rates if you want to make informed decisions. Checking your portfolio periodically will ensure  that you stay ahead of the curve and it will also help you address a potential crisis or opportunity…well in advance.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, before buying crypto assets in India, prospective investors need to evaluate the opportunities, based on their profile before taking any further action. Make sure you know your investor profile, have a proper plan in place, understand the best crypto pairs to trade. Also, constantly keep upgrading yourself in terms of your knowledge and understanding about the ever-evolving crypto space. Consult with ZebPay to find out how to diversify your crypto asset portfolio.

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